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にらみあい Evil Stare


Evil Stare

The word:

Closer look at the kanji:

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Evil Stare

にらみ nirami a glare
合い ai to meet, match, come together

相合傘 ai ai gasa - to share an umbrella with someone. (Has nothing to do with love (ai)) [A]
にらみ付ける nirami tsukeru - to glare at, glance at [A]

Frank met Tom's eyes in a duel that would be discussed for days over hinomaru bentos (Umeboshi on rice).


hitotsu no umeboshi no sei de furanku to tomu wa niramiai ni natta.

And so it was one umeboshi that led Frank and Tom to lock eyes in challenge.


一つ hitotsu - one(object) to say [one person] is hitori
梅干し ume boshi - umeboshi (pickled plum) If you like sour things, umeboshi is for you. Great on gohan.
のせいで no sei de - because of this sei and okage are similar in that they both mean [because of] but sei usually implies negative results and okage positive.
フランク furanku - Frank
to - and
トム tomu - Tom
になった ni natta - became Their eyes became in a state of niramiai

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RayMasaki's picture


wheres the Audio!!??
its better to learn the sentences with Audio.
also ai ai gasa to share an umbrella
should also mean some kind of Love.
"a couple sharing an Umbrella"
"share an umbrella with someone you Love"
makes sense doesn't it?

clay's picture

Most of these do not have

Most of these do not have audio (yet). And 相合傘 does not have 愛 as one of the kanji. That was the above point.

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