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百年目 The End


The End

The word:

Closer look at the kanji:

B = Beginner | I = Intermediate | A = Advanced

hyaku nen me
The End

hyaku 100
nen year
me eye, counter (in this case counting years - the 100th year)

百万 hykau man - 1,000,000 (100 10,000s) [B]
百一匹ワンチャン hyaku ippiki wan chan - 101 Dalmations [B]
一年生 ichi nen sei - 1st grade (school 1st year elementary, junior high and high school) [B]
去年 kyo nen - last year [B]
二日目 futsuka me - the 2nd day (counting days) [I]

The Swappenator


koko de atta ga, hyaku nen me!

At such a time and such a place as this, we meet to face your end!


ここで koko de - here I kind of stretched the meaning to emphasis the time element too.
あった atta - met
ga - but...
百年目 hyakunenme - finally you will meet your end The phrase implies waiting a long time before finally being able to finish ones enemy. Or said when a plot or conspiracy is suddenly discovered.

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