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揚げ足を取る to find fault with someone

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  • ageashi o toru
  • to find fault with someone
  • 原田さんは人の揚げ足ばかり取るので、楽しい会話ができない。
  • harada san wa hito no ageashi bakari toru node, tanoshii kaiwa ga dekinai.
  • Since Harada is always making fun of the mistakes of others, it is hard to have a pleasant conversation.
  • 原田さん harada san - Harada (a common Japanese family name)
  • wa - (the topic marker--sets "Harada" as the main topic of the sentence.)
  • 人の hito no - people's [here it means "other people's"]
  • ばかり bakari - nothing but; always (picking on others)
  • ので node - that being the case; because of
  • 楽しい tanoshii - fun; enjoyable
  • 会話 kaiwa - conversation
  • ga - (the subject marker--sets "an enjoyable conversation" as what can't be done.)
  • できない dekinai - can't; can't be done

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