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Japanese Idiom 味をしめる Develop a Taste For...

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  • aji wo shimeru
  • to develop a taste for...; to be encouraged by initial success
  • A useful example one might hear in a potato chip ad is:
    ichido aji wo shimetara yamerarenai.
    If you try it once, you won't be able to stop.
  • The "aji" means "taste" and "shimeru" probably means, "experience" here. Having tasted something really good, a person comes back to it expecting the same tastiness.
  • 一度ついたうそがばれなかったので、味をしめた彼はうそばかりついている。
  • ichido tsuita uso ga barenakatta node, aji wo shimeta kare wa uso bakari tsuiteiru.
  • He told one lie and got away with it. Having developed a taste for it, he lies all the time now.
  • 一度 ichido - once
  • ついたうそ tsuita uso - a lie that was told
  • ばれなかった barenakatta - didn't get caught
  • ので node - therefore; that being the case; because of
  • kare - he
  • うそ uso - lie
  • ~ばかり ~bakari - only; always (lying)
  • ついている tsuiteiru - telling (lies)

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