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Japanese Idiom 朝飯前 child's play; cinch; no sweat; piece of cake

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  • asa meshi mae
  • child's play; cinch; no sweat; piece of cake
  • This is a fancy way to say, 簡単 kantan--easy.
  • Literally, "before breakfast." Because breakfast is usually one of the first activities of the day, the time before break-fast is short. Only easy things can be accomplished during that time.
  • 小学生の宿題を手伝うなんて、高校生の僕には朝飯前だ。
  • shougakusei no shukudai wo tetsudau nante, koukousei no boku niwa asameshimae da.
  • Helping an elementary school kid with his homework is no sweat for a high schooler like me.
  • 小学生 shougakusei -- elementary school student [小学校 shougakkou elementary school]
  • no -- (possessive marker)
  • 宿題 shukudai -- homework
  • wo -- (direct object marker)
  • 手伝う tetsudau -- to help
  • なんて nante -- such a thing as [used to emphasize how easy the speaker thinks it is; like an exclamation]
  • 高校生 koukousei -- high school student [高校 koukou high school]
  • no -- (possessive marker)
  • boku -- I; me
  • 高校生の僕 koukousei no boku -- a high school student such as I
  • には ni wa -- as for (a high school student such as I)
  • 朝飯前 asa meshi mae -- piece of cake
  • da -- plain form of desu

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