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腹を割る a heart-to-heart (talk); be frank; tell all [Japanese Idiom]

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  • hara wo waru
  • a heart-to-heart (talk); be frank; tell all
  • 今日は、お互いに腹を割って話そう。
  • kyou wa, otagai ni hara wo watte hanasou.
  • Let's sit down for a heart-to-heart today.
  • 今日 kyou - today
  • wa - (the topic marker--sets "today" as the main topic of the sentence.)
  • お互いに o tagai ni - together; with each other; mutually
  • 腹 hara - belly; stomach
  • 割って watte - cut; cut open
  • 話そう hanasou - let's talk

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