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口が堅い tight-lipped; able to keep a secret

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  • kuchi ga katai
  • tight-lipped; able to keep a secret; lips are sealed
  • 彼は、口が堅いので、秘密を話しても大丈夫だ。
  • kare wa, kuchi ga katai node, himitsu wo hanashitemo daijoubu da.
  • He is pretty tight-lipped, so even telling him secrets is fine.
  • kare - he
  • wa - (the topic marker--sets "Satou" as the main topic of the sentence.)
  • ので node - therefore; because
  • 秘密 himitsu - secret
  • 話しても hanashitemo - even if (you) speak
  • 大丈夫 daijoubu - OK; fine

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