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口が重い be slow to speak; tongue-tied

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  • kuchi ga omoi
  • to be slow to speak; tongue-tied
  • 佐藤さんは、口が重いので、デート中なにも話しませんでした。
  • satou san wa, kuchi ga omoi node, de-to chuu nani mo hanashimasen deshita.
  • Because Satou is naturally quiet, she didn't say anything during her date.
  • 佐藤さん satou san - Satou (a common Japanese family name)
  • wa - (the topic marker--sets "Satou" as the main topic of the sentence.)
  • ので node - therefore; because
  • デート中 de-to chuu - during a date
  • なにも nanimo - nothing; not at all
  • 話しませんでした hanashimasen deshita - didn't speak

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