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Hand Idioms Part II

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Japanese is a language full of fun idioms. Let's explore a few Body Part Idioms using the Hand.

These two idioms are perhaps the most useful 'hand' idioms in Japanese.

Listen to the idiom and then study the example sentence.


to have one's hands full; be up to here (with something); busy


te ga ippai de, ima wa nani mo dekimasen.
My hands are full; I can’t do anything right now.

いっぱい ippai—full; lots
なにも nani mo—nothing [ends with negative verb (dekimasen)]
できません dekimasen—can’t do (anything)


to obtain; get; come by...


naganen hoshikatta anti-ku hin o te ni ireta.
I got my hands on an antique that I’ve wanted for years.

長年 naganen—a long time; many years
ほしかった hoshikatta—wanted
アンティーク品 anti-ku hin—an antique object
入れた ireta—put something into something

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this page is so cool!!! and

this page is so cool!!! and now i can say more things than usual!!! i have already learned 23 pages (front & back included)of Japanese( way eager to learn more)and want way more hoping to get 99 pages, and can't wait for just 36!!! wish me luck!!!


I say this all the time at my house. Good for my upcoming exchange trip!!! XD~ domo. mata.

~Sunao na toki waratte, hitsuyou na toki naite, nayami wo jibun no naka ni tojikometta mama anata wo ai suru hito no tasuke wo motomenai toki, jibun dake wo kizuzuite iru~



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Re- Idioms relating to hand

The first idiom out here - resembles very much with our language . In our language it is like - " my hands are joint ( conjoint twins ..;) , so I cant take your work-idea right now. "

thanks for sharing these nice things

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joint hands

That is interesting! What is your language?

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Well, they were Indian (Asian Indian, not Native American), but unfortunately they're banned now, so they won't be able to answer your question. :(


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guess even people who sound nice get banned ^^;

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There was a history here

There was a history here beyond this one post. It is unfortunately, but as Phreadom said, there were good reasons. :(

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Well, in reality...

Well, in reality they were also spamming the site, creating multiple accounts, harassing me personally through personal email and social networks, etc.

Please don't be fooled by a few comments you happen to see here.

I would never ban someone without good reason to do so, and sometimes people don't see what we see behind the scenes as administrators.


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