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Articles for Intermediates

Articles for Intermediates of Japanese
Title Teaser
Body Idioms Part V

Body Idioms

手の内を明かす Opening up your heart (but with your hands)
胸をなでおろす Stroking one's chest in relief

Iroha Uta いろは歌
Iroha Uta

An ancient poem & an order of kana (like あいうえお)

第十九章 鬼の敗北 The Oni's Defeat ゆきの物語
Chapter 19: The defeat of the Oni
Volume 7: Number Units 数の単位 Kotoba Zamurai
Volume 7: Number Units 数の単位
第八章  若殿との出逢い A Rendezvous with the Prince
第八章 若殿との出逢い

Yuki gets invited to the castle to show off her skill. Now with Video!

第七章  買物 Shopping Chapter Seven: Yuki goes shopping.
第六章  都に到着 Arrival at the City
Yuki arrives at her destination and finds a job.
第五章 助けて! Help! As Yuki continues her journey, she encounters some ronin and needs some help.
ほら吹き Blowing a Shell or Tell a Lie
Blowing a Shell or Tell a Lie
土下座 Prostrating Oneself
kneeling down to the ground, prostrating oneself
一人残らず Everyone

しぶい子供 Sophisticated Child
Sophisticated Child
顔面蒼白 Pale Face
face becoming white or pale because of a sudden fear or shock
難攻不落の要塞 Impregnable Fortress

impregnable fortress
寒中水泳 Swimming in the Middle of Winter

swimming in the middle of winter; a midwinter swim
辻斬り Samurai who Kills Someone with a Sword on the Street

Samurai who kills someone with a sword on the street
馬が合わない Not get along
Not get along
弓を引く Draw the bow; rise up against...
Draw the bow; rise up against...
Volume 4: Kanji Form Categories 六書: What is it? Today we will look at how etymology of kanji are categorized. That is, there are 6 ways the ancient Chinese used to explain how each kanji is put together.
Volume 3: Letters to Kotoba Zamurai's Little Brother The Defender of what is right, the corrector of already correct Japanese, That's right, it's "Letters to Kotoba Zamurai's little brother" time!
Volume 2: Useless Questions for Today In This Day and Age, Totally Useless Questions
Here are a few questions that once stirred the heart of every Japanese, but today are no longer in debate...

The Kotoba Zamurai Archives
"Kotoba zamurai" articles are written to be "a non-systematic approach to learning unusual, but useful words." While these not-so-serious articles are written with the upper-beginner to intermediate in mind, even beginners should be able to get something out of them. If not, I may have wasted 15 minutes of your life... I will leave it up to you to take the chance.

芥川龍之介 - 鼻 Akutagawa's Hana This story, The Nose (鼻 hana), was composed in 1916 and is about a monk with a very large nose (hence the title). The story addresses jealousy, egoism, and the making fun of others all with a hint of humor here and there. Complete Story with Audio.
幕末 - Words About the End of the Edo Period

幕末 - End of the Edo Period Vocabulary

和製漢字 Kanji, made in Japan Exploring a few 和製漢字, Kanji that were Created in Japan.
Murphy's Law in Japanese A few important Murphy's Law statements in Japanese
折り紙つき certified to be good The etymology of 折り紙つき certified to be good
語源 J Etymology 語源 gogen - Japanese Etymology articles
New Years Day Words A few important words and customs for the Japanese New Year
Why study Osaka-ben?

Some reasons to study the Osaka dialect

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