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iPhone Application: 101 Japanese Idioms

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Study Japanese idioms on your iPhone / iTouch

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iPhone Japanese app

TJP's SECOND iPhone application!

-=iPhone or iTouch for Beginners up=-

101 Common Japanese Idioms all with sound

101 Common Idioms

This may only cover 101 idioms, but the extensive notes and extra sound files makes this as large as our original app--

Japanese Idioms

While beginners can get a lot out of this app, knowing simple grammar and a basic vocabulary is recommended. This app contains over 300 audio files recorded by a professional native voice actress. Each idiom contains cultural & etymological notes making this audio phrase ebook all the more useful.

Learn 101 useful Japanese idioms. What happens if your mouth is heavy? Or if you use people with your chin? Or when you grind sesame?

Find out all about these idioms.f

Even VERY Beginners can get a lot out of this product, but hiragana and very basic Japanese is recommended. If you can’t read hiragana yet, romaji and extensive notes are provided.

An idiom is a phrase which means something different than what it says literally. Learning common Japanese idioms will help you in everyday conversation, reading books, and watching Japanese TV or movies. (and yes, anime too!)

In this app, you will learn 101 of the most common idioms found in everyday Japanese. We have carefully selected only the most useful idioms and organized them into logical categories for maximum benefit.

iPhone Japanese app iPhone

iPhone iPhone app

iPhone app iPhone app

Every idiom has a sound for the idiom, an example sentence, and a practice sound with space for repetition.
Study in THREE different ways:

1) Study Pages: See all data for the idiom on one convenient, scrollable page. Tap the idiom to hear it spoken, see the romaji and English definitions, read the comments and etymology, and read & listen to the example sentence to see how the idiom is used in real Japanese. In addition to hearing just the idiom and example sentence, it also has a sound file that leaves a space for repetition, a slowed-down version, the example sentence, and the English too.

2) Flash cards: Select one of the eight categories; choose to display the Japanese or the English on the front of the flashcard; flip the card to see the meaning and notes; and tap the sound icon to hear it spoken. You can also practice the example sentences in the Flash card section.

3) Quiz mode: Select one or more categories and 15 random multiple choice questions will be generated from those categor(ies). Please see screenshots or our video at the support site to see it in action! Missed answers are reviewed and studied after the quiz finishes.


A great way to learn vocabulary and grammar is to memorize phrases and to know when to use them. Listening and repeating the words and phrases also help improve pronunciation and listening comprehension.

This Application includes:
Button 300+ audio recordings
Button Recorded by a native speaker
Button An introduction to Japanese Idioms
Button Organized into logical and useful categories.
Button Interactive multiple choice quizzes for every category
Button Flashcard Function for all words and phrases
f Button Works even without a network connection

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Little Prince book

Could anybody tell me please where I could find the book "The Little Prince", without paying at all. Thanks a lot

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As I believe it is still a

As I believe it is still a copyrighted book, and thus illegal to distribute, we're not going to point you to an illegal copy here.


Also, the iPhone apps page isn't even the right place to be asking this question in the first place.


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