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iPhone/iPad Application: Japanese Phrases

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Learn Useful Japanese Phrases on your iPhone / iTouch AND iPad!

If you are a user and have any problems or questions about the application, please email us or call our Toll Free number at 1-866-837-3607.
iPhone Japanese app

TJP's Flagship iPhone application is now on the iPad too!

2,700+ Phrases all with sound. This universal app works on the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. Buy it once and use it on any of these devices at no additional cost.


450+ words and phrases all with sound, flashcards, and quizzes.
Absolutely FREE!

Japanese Phrases FREE

Many more words and phrases for iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad (2,700+ sound files)

Japanese Phrases

Perfect for those just starting out with Japanese. Designed for those with little or no Japanese knowledge, this iPhone app has hundreds of phrases and over 2,700 audio files recorded by a professional native voice actress. Dozens of cultural notes make this audio phrase ebook all the more useful.

Video of the iPhone version
iPhone Japanese app iPhone

iPhone iPhone app

iPhone app iPhone app

Although this will be helpful for those traveling in Japan, it isn't designed to be a travel phrasebook, but a conversation phrasebook. It is best for those who want to quickly learn conversational Japanese with correct pronunciation. The words and phrases encountered here are among the most used in everyday conversational Japanese.

Nothing can take the place of a good textbook and this is certainly not an attempt to do so. We highly recommend getting a textbook to keep your learning structured and regular.

A great way to learn vocabulary and grammar is to memorize phrases and to know when to use them. Listening and repeating the words and phrases also help improve pronunciation and listening comprehension.

This Application includes:
Button 2,700+ audio recordings
ButtonRecorded by a native speaker
ButtonAn introduction to Japanese article
ButtonOrganized into logical and useful categories.
ButtonInteractive multiple choice quizzes for every category
ButtonFlashcard Function for all words and phrases
ButtonWorks even without a network connection

(Free version has 450+ words and phrases)

iPhone app iPhone app
iPhone app iPhone app
iPhone app  

And on the iPad:
iPhone app
iPhone app
iPhone appiPhone app

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Can't Find App in iPhone

I bought the app and, like fanadierr described, I can't find it on my iPhone. I tried syncing my iPhone multiple times. I manually would select the app to appear on my iPhone, but when it finishes syncing, it doesn't appear on my springboard.

Do I need to buy it through the App Store in my iPhone? I really don't want to have to pay another $9.99 for this app :/


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Did you try the advice Clay

Did you try the advice Clay gave to fanadierr? I might have just appeared on the second page of your springboard. Try swiping the screen with your finger from right to left. (or look for some small dots at the bottom of the screen that show that there is more than 1 screen available)

Let us know if this helps. :)


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Can't use Application?

I downloaded this app, it's on my itunes, but i can't find the application button anywhere on my ipod touch?

Please somebody help me!

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When you have your iPod Touch

When you have your iPod Touch connected to your computer, click on the iPod Touch icon/name on the left. Then at the top of the middle section, click on "Apps." Scroll down the list of apps until you find the one you are looking for and check the checkbox.

If it is already checked, try doing a search on your iPod Touch (swipe to the left from the first screen). I've noticed sometimes icons don't show up if there are a ton of apps installed. Not sure why.

Let me know if this helps.

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