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Kanji: 一 ichi one

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And so begins your kanji journey and it couldn’t get any easier! (...and believe me it won’t!)
                JLPT N5: 1 / 100 | 1 Stroke

On: イチ
Kun: ひと・つ
Meaning: one; 1

It is a number “1” on its side. Draw the single stroke from left to right.

ichi—one; the number one
一番 ichi ban—#1; the best
世界一 se kai ichi—the best in the world
一人 hitori—one person; alone

doko ga ichiban ii tokoro desu ka?
Where is the best place?
[ichiban is often used this way to show the best of something: ichiban oishii—the most delicious]

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