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Kanji: 語 go Language

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I know this one looks difficult, but learn it! You'll see it a lot.
JLPT N5: 30 / 100 | 14 Strokes

On: ゴ
Kun: かた・る

Meaning: word; speech; language

It may help to break this down. 言 to speak; 五 #5; and the bottom is ( 口 ) which means mouth.

Stroke Order:

日本語 ni hon go - Japanese
物語 mono gatari - a story, tale, legend
国語 koku go - national language (in Japan, Japanese)

Example Sentence:
nihongo ga dekimasu.
I can speak Japanese.

[Note: the "dekimasu" merely shows abiilty, so this could mean "I can speak" or "I understand" or "I can read"...]


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