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The Many Mushis

THAT IS, a look at the words that have the pronunciation of ' mushi .'


1) 虫 mushi - insect, bug

EXAMPLE: 虫が 好きです。 mushi ga suki desu.  - (I) like bugs.    

mushi - bug
suki - to like                        
desu - the ending verb that ties it all together  

2) 無視  mushi - disregard, ignore

EXAMPLE: 無視して下さい。 mushi shite kudasai.  Please ignore me.    

mushi - ignore
shite - a form of the verb 'suru' - to do
kudasai - together with 'shite kudasai' it means 'please do something' (by itself it means, 'give me.'  I had a friend who occasionally called his sensei's house.  The sensei's husband would answer the phone.  My friend who had then just began his Japanese studies asked very politely, "NAME OF SENSEI, kudasai."  Meaning "NAME OF SENSEI, please."  It was only after 4 or 5 calls that the husband broke down in laughter and explained that my friend was literally asking to HAVE his wife!  It is in such a case where the above example sentence could prove useful!)  


3) 蒸し暑い mushi atsui humid

EXAMPLE: フロリダの夏はいつもとても蒸し暑い。
furorida no natsu wa itsumo totemo mushi atsui.
Florida's Summer is always very humid.    

furorida - Florida (USA)
no - 's (the possessive marker)
natsu - Summer
itsumo - always
totemo  - very, so

4) 虫歯 mushi ba cavity, decayed tooth

EXAMPLE: チョコレートが好きなので、虫歯が 多いです。
chokore-to ga sukina node, mushiba ga ooi
Because I love chocolate, I have many cavities    

chokore-to - Chocolate
ga - subject marker / particle
suki - like, love
node - because, since - * notice word order *
ooi - many, a lot



5) 虫眼鏡 mushi megane - magnifying glass  (lit. 'bug (insect)' 'glasses (spectacles)')

EXAMPLE: ホームスはやっと虫眼鏡で証拠を見つけました。
ho-musu wa yatto mushimegane de shouko wo mitsukemashita.
Holmes, at last, found the evidence with his magnifying glass.    

ho-musu - Sherlock Holmes
yatto - finally, at last
de - by means of, at, with...
shouko - evidence  (<BONUS> shouko inmetsu - destruction of evidence)
wo - direct object marker / particle
mitsukemashita - past tense of mitsukeru  - to find


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Pianogirl123's picture


I was a little confused on your story. It took me a while to figure that by NAME OF SENSEI you mean that's not actually what he said, you're just keeping her name private.

clay's picture

Yep. That's right. Name not

Yep. That's right. Name not given to protect the innocent. :)

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