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Key to Learning Japanese: 1) Keep up motivation and 2) keep up exposure to the language.

Here at TheJapanesePage.com, we try to help you with both. Everything here is free--supported by our store, TheJapanShop.com and Friends. If you would like to help us, please consider getting some of your Japanese learning materials through our store. Much appreciated!!

A lack of motivation is one sure way to kill progress in learning anything. Increase motivation by interacting with other learners in the forums or chatrooms. Keep a log of your progress in our free blogs. And checkout our Groups--this is where members can come together with similar goals.

Keep up exposure by searching (both here and elsewhere on the internet) for articles, videos, podcasts / audio lessons, and other media that interests you. Also checkout our growing collection of FREE downloads.

Lastly, if you are new, please pop into the Forums and introduce yourself!

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