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Body Idioms Part I
Body Idioms

鼻が高い to be proud
顔が広い to know many people

Volume 8: Two by Two, Here We Go! Kotoba Zamurai
Volume 8: Counting two by two--with an Octopus! More...
Body Idioms Part V

Body Idioms

手の内を明かす Opening up your heart (but with your hands)
胸をなでおろす Stroking one's chest in relief

Body Idioms Part IV
Body Idioms

耳にたこができる the 'umpteenth' time
足が棒になる My dogs are barkin'

Body Idioms Part III
Body Idioms

足を引っ張る Drag someone down
小耳に挟む Eavesdrop

Body Idioms Part II
Body Idioms

~を尻に敷く be henpecked
腕が鳴る to show one's skills With Video!

Chiyon's nihongo no tamatebako
Chiyon's Lessons
Volume 7: Number Units 数の単位 Kotoba Zamurai
Volume 7: Number Units 数の単位
Frank and the Obaasan Japanese Lessons A TJP Original Beginning Japanese Reader with Audio
While on an intergalactic spy mission, Frank the alien loses control of his spaceship and plummets to Earth; Fukui, Japan to be precise. Lacking Essential repair materials, Frank must learn the earthlings language and find earth equivalents of the materials needed to repair his ship.
Time Squares: Speaking About Duration Japanese does not have an entirely consistent pattern for speaking about units of calendar time: days, weeks, months, and the like. For example, “last week” is sen-shu ; “last year” is kyo-nen . However, when written, many concepts are represented by the same kanji . For this reason, this article has been organized into conceptual units so that these basic connections between the spoken and written language can be understood.
Useful Around the House Words Vocabulary lesson with useful around the house words. With sound and flash
Directions in Japanese
Basic directions in Japanese with audio and video

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