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We all have days when we are just plumb tired. You probably all know how to say, 「つかれた。」 But why use tired language to describe being tired? Let's excite things up with two gitaigo (mimesis) action words:

heto heto
tired; exhausted

shigoto de hetoheto desu.
I'm exhausted from work.

But what if you are VERY tired and へとへと just doesn't cut it? Try ぐったり out for size.

be dead tired

hikouki de juugo jikan kakatta node, kitakugo beddo ni guttari to taorekonda.
After returning home from a fifteen hour flight, I crashed in my bed dead tired.


And when your dogs are barking, try this saying:

ashi ga bou ni naru.
My legs are becoming sticks.

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Now I know how to express it in Japanese in many sentences. Whenever I'm tired, I always say, "tsukareta na~" I'll say "heto.heto" instead. xD

thanks for this~ ^^

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Yes, it is nice to build your

Yes, it is nice to build your arsenal of words to liven things up.

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