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First post! ;)

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First post! ;)

Ok... so I'm going to split this one up and send the pieces to Clay so that he can try it out.

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Thanks as always! Looks

Thanks as always! Looks great.

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Ok, I fixed up the code for the header, so now it basically shows correctly in both IE and Firefox etc.

There is still a 3px extra padding below the header in IE, but it's really not visible unless you're looking for it.

Also, the menu now looks like it's supposed to again.

When the dust settles with the rest of the hacking, eg; the Forum etc... I'll worry about more prettiness making.

For now the code is simply too up in the air for me to dig into in any really meaningful way and I don't have the time to duplicate the other development teams efforts when it could be a waste.

I'll keep an eye out as usual. :)


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This will look really nice

This will look really nice when you are done. Let me know if you need anything. I'm working on adding a way for every user to have their own photo gallery. We'll see how it goes.

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Yeah, the more I'm looking

Yeah, the more I'm looking at this, the more it's obvious I just need to do a major overhaul on it. There's a lot of stuff building up in the CSS that isn't used, or is commented out, or is only not breaking things because the paths aren't set correctly etc...

We need to just sweep that stuff out, set the right things and put some clean code up top. :) (which will most likely end up with me just going ahead and trying to theme the whole thing and tie phpbb into it etc.)

Once I get home, I'll see if I can get a copy of the Pushbutton theme and start hacking on that or something.

I already have Apache with PHP, MySQL and PHPBB setup, so it would just be a matter of adding drupal and getting a close enough installation to effectively emulate what you have on here.


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I'll be able to dig into it

I'll be able to dig into it when I get home. One thing I didn't like was that the header is put together as a table... a hackery of old html etc. I'm sure that's not helping with the formatting.

I'll have a look behind the scenes at how the theme is setup and see if we can't just replace that header with a cleaner CSS version.

I'll probably also have a look at streamlining the top menu and nav bar to have it fit better in 1024 width etc.

Are you running IE6 or IE7? Thankfully (or unfortunately, depending on how you look at it) this machine still has IE6 installed, so I can see the problems with the header. The small space and the fact that the Japan map on the right doesn't show transparency correctly due to IE6's lack of PNG alpha transparency support.

I think the top space problem might be due to cellpadding or cellspacing issues due to the use of a table. I'll probably try creating a transparent .gif to go on the right and redo the top code to fix the issues so that it will work in all browsers correctly.

(Who knows, if I'm stuck here much longer, I might try doing it on this machine. I'm getting restless.)


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Got it (obviously)! It looks

Got it (obviously)!

It looks great. Here are the problems:

1) IE shows a little space above the background image
2) Firefox also looks a little off although not bad. I can see where the left logo image meets the background image. Both of these problems are probably because I didn't get the code right for the background image.
3) The Main links have a new background--which looks pretty cool. I'm not sure which would look better--the black or the new granite look. I think this shows up in both Firefox and IE.

Simon86 has a nice shout about the new look :)

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Files sent. Check your

Files sent. Check your japanshop e-mail clay. :)


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