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i think i saw that too in japan check out my pictures.

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I'm not married to the

I'm not married to the concept of the castle or bonsai. In the end Clay will decide. The most we can do is provide options and help where we can.

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She has agreed to help out

She has agreed to help out with the image work. Now we just need to come up with more ideas. The Topic that Clay started for the header on the old site New Top Banner Question has lots of ideas already. That along with the items discussed here should be a good starting point. Start posting layout ideas! It would help to know more about the existing header and how themes work in Drupal so the when we need to create some trail images we know the what sizes they should be.
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That's a great free photo

That's a great free photo site. I've signed up. It's important to get high resolution photos since they will need to be cropped, etc... Thanks Kayuu.

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The Plan

So the picture came from here: http://travel.3yen.com/category/kansai/osaka/

I'm not sure that's the person who actually took the photo. So if everyone really likes this photo for the site we can always ask.

It'd be nice to use it since there seems to be this plan going on already. ^^

Edit: Though if someone makes a computer image of that photo, it wouldn't be breaking any copyright laws right? And for this site it might be cooler.

Questions? Feel free to ask. :)

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Tools like Photoshop, Paint

Tools like Photoshop, Paint Shop Pro, etc. have tools that let you cut out pieces, touch up, blend etc. Here at work we have a graphics designer who spends all day working with layout and photos. Her two most useful tools are Photoshop and Illustrator. I'm on pretty good terms with her (I maintain her MAC!) so maybe I can get her to do some work for me in exchange for a few lunches :)

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I'm not sure about that. I

I'm not sure about that. I just googled it on google images. If i remember right the site was a blog from someone... I don't know.

Questions? Feel free to ask. :)

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Don't Know

I don't know how it could be incorporated into a design, I never really paid attention to programs like photoshop to know what the possibilities are. But I do like the image a lot, and the concept I already mentioned in the post.

What I had in mind was more a picture that would take over the whole top of the page. But I think yours is good too.

Questions? Feel free to ask. :)

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That's an interesting idea

I have some pictures of Nagoya Castle I should send you. Last night I was playing around with coming up with a tiling header for the site. One of the images I used contained the stone wall base of a Japanese castle. But now that I've seen this post maybe what you want is a to part header with left and right half. The center would essentially be empty. That would allow the total width of the page to change depending on the client. The left half would contain an image of a castle, the right half... or the reverse...
ASCII (bad drawing lol)
       // \\
      /// \\\
      |||||||                                                             the
     //// \\\\                                                           Japanese
------ |    |                                                               page
      /     \--------
...../       \     ----------                                       
... ... ..  .. . . ...  .. .
 . . . . ......  . . . ..... ......       . ...            ..... . . . . .     . . .  ...
 . . . . ..... . . . .  . . . ...........  . ..

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