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Hatori's Blog Introduction

Hello, my loving TJP members!
Many of you don't know that I have a blog online that I update once or twice a week. Other than TJP, I'm a strong member on the CNET websites. I primarily stick to GameSpot (GS) when it comes to my buddies, looking up games, and writing reviews!
I'm going to try on working on this blog too, but I'll most likely copy and paste what I put down on my GS blog or make this blog more Japanese oriented.
Anyway, I hope to see you on the forums when the website is tidied up! :) Also, have a good upcoming week.

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Sounds like fun! You could

Sounds like fun! You could put a link to your other blog in your user profile or maybe you can edit the front page of your blog and put it there--I'm not sure.

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