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About Me

Hi! Thanks for taking a look at my blog. I'm an IT professional who gets to travel a couple times a year to destinations around the world. Most recently I was in Monterrey Mexico. Its a city located a few hundred miles south of Texas in a valley surrounded by mountains.

In my spare time I enjoy playing piano (for myself, it would hurt your ears), reading sci-fi, manga, watching anime and studying the Japanese language. Over the years I've had other interests like building flying model airplanes, and scuba diving.

Pretty cool

Hmmm... I think I like this blog feature. I was never a blog person but I might just create one for the fun of it. ^^ What are you planning of putting on this blog? I need to think something up too in case I decide to go for it. =P


I'm getting a feel for the site. It's a short single post so if it gets tossed in to the NULL bucket it's not a problem at all.

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