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Testing the blog waters and 青空文庫

It looks like anyone can post blog entries, cool! Although it makes me nervous writing such a thing in front of everyone :O
Who here's seen the Japanese equivalent to project Gutenberg:青空文庫? It's really fun to just browse around and attempt to translate random literature. Here is a big list of children's novels. They have such things as "The Little Prince", "Peter Pan", and "The Little Mermaid".
I, however, was more interested in text without a translation so I wouldn't end up using the translation as a crutch.
The first story that caught my attention and didn't have me pulling my hair out over the second sentence was called "オシャベリ姫"; which as far as I can tell translates as "Princess ChitChat"
So far I'm only two pages in but it's been interesting so far, the grammar has been hard but not so hard that I've had to ask for help yet (though it got awfully close with the phrase "もがけばもがく程"). The only off-putting thing so far has been the use of a racial epithet, though I suppose one must learn these things somewhere.
I'm also at chapter 10 in ゆきの物語 which is much much easier in the grammar department and has english translations available through chapter 12.
I really should only read one thing at a time :O

This is awesome! I've had

This is awesome! I've had 星の王子さま on my wishlist for some time now. Thanks ~

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I love the little prince too

I love the little prince too ^_^! I just wish I had known about it as a child.

There really are a lot of great works hidden at 青空文庫 but almost all of them are way above my reading level.

Keeping interest is the biggest obstacle in reading foreign literature. オシャベリ姫 is good in that new and interesting stuff is happening every paragraph; which is important when it can take hours to read a single page.

The problem is finding literature like this is essentially luck. Someday when I'm better at Japanese I hope to write a guide to free easy to read action packed Japanese literature.

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O these links are really nice! I love 'the Little Prince ^_^

We are all but images of our time

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Don't be nervous!

Interestingly, オシャベリ姫 was one of two text files I tested on the Casio XD-GW9600 electronic dictionary. It had a neat ebook reader feature and I wanted to test it out. It wasn't the most impressive ebook reader, but it got the job done. You've probably made more progress than I have. Actually, I gave that dictionary to my mother-in-law and she is back in Japan now. I don't think I will be reading it any time soon...

>>I really should only read one thing at a time

Why? You have two eyes, don't you? :) I have the same bad (maybe good?) habit. I currently have three books (on very different subjects) that I'm simultaneously working on.

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