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Ooooo! A blog thingy!

I like this new site!
Looking quite nice, although personally I found the old forum easier to read. Not sure why...
But anyway, it's all looking good. Good job TJP Crew!
I've always been one for blogging, infact I have about 4 blogs going so I thought I'd add another one to the list. Although my life isn't particularly interesting to be honest. But at least it'll give me something to do!
Take care!
Loving the new site!

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Much appreciated.

Much appreciated.

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Well, I guess some people

Well, I guess some people would think it's interesting :p
Not doubt, this blog will hear every single piece of information from my life, haha. I like to keep people reading!

As for the forums. I'm sure it'll all be perfect in a short time, like everything else in this new site.
You're always working extremely hard to bring us TJP'ers a glorious learning experience. Don't beat yourself up about things that dont go 'swimmingly'! Everyone knows you've had some troubles with the new server, and everyone appreciates it!

Take some time to recognise the fantastic work you've done so far!!! ^^

Also, thanks for commenting!

~Problems aren't an excuse for us to give up, they're a reason for us to try harder~

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