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New job...

So, recently I got a new job here in Japan.
It's a job as a kid's teacher at an international school. I did a job like this back in England when I was a tad younger for a couple of years (Not a 'job' as such, I actually voluntered to do it).
But these kids are a bit younger. I was told these kids are 2-3 years old, now I've got some experience with kids.. but not this young! Thus, I'm not entirely sure what they're capable of.
Colouring pages?!
I'm sure they could do the drawing ok, but I was looking for something more original for them to do.
Something a little more 'unique'. I'm well aware of dancing and singing, and no doubt I'll have my fair share of "Old McDonald" in the coming weeks, but I'm just not sure what sort of unique things I can get the kids to do and have fun with.
I start the job on March 17th here in Chiba, but I'm a little stumped for ideas!
If you've got any ideas or suggestions, it'd DEFINATLY be appreciated!
All the best!

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Thanks for the suggestions!

Thanks for the suggestions guys! Much appreciate. Rest assured I've taken notes of what you've suggested to me, and hopefully I can put them all into practice!

I'll let you know how it all goes! No doubt about it! :)

Take care and thanks again!!

~Problems aren't an excuse for us to give up, they're a reason for us to try harder~

Other suggestions

Congratulations! What international school? (I live in Kanagawa Prefecture, I've heard of most of the schools.)
-Little kids always love to make seasonal decorations or stuff they can give their parents. Some springtime birds or flowers drawn or made of clay?
-Be spontaneous. If you're too rigid every minute of every day, little kids (at least the ones I baby-sit) will get bored and annoyed.
-try www.enchantedlearning.com

Good luck!

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Handprints in plaster

These were always a big hit in the preschools here in the US. My Mom actually still has the ones my brothers and I made for her. Of course, after so long, the plaster's a bit fragile & I think mine's acutally glued back together....

-Pasting pieces of construction paper that they've cut out onto another piece of paper.
- could make stoplights for "safety day"?
- if you have animal cutouts, they could paste together a picture...

-ANYTHING messy. (mud pies... playdough... glue...)

-Give them pieces of cookie dough and let them shape their own cookies. (would need an egg-free recipie, I know my kiddos liked to sneak tastes of the raw dough)

Try preschoolprintables.com or dltk-kids.com for some other ideas, a search for "Preschool craft ideas" should bring up some age-appropriate ideas too.

I hope this helps you out. My boys are a little bit older (10y, 8.5y, 7y) but I still remember having to keep them entertained. Oh, that reminds me of another game we used to play: Taking giant steps, 1 for eac