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This is such a cool site...

I just stumbled across this site today. I really like it-I never knew how many people were out there learning Japanese. I live in Japan on a U.S. Navy base, but unfortunately the base school doesn't offer Japanese 1 for my grade :( so I've been trying to teach myself. I can't wait to use everything here...I wish I found this years ago!
Oh, yeah, just a question if anyone can enlighten me, how many countries do users come from? Are there any languages that are easier to learn Japanese from? (You know what I mean.)


Here on Yokosuka they stopped doing University of Maryland classes and started doing University of Oklahoma classes, as far as I know. Next school year is only six months away, maybe I can wait. As long as they don't run out of spots in their classes at the high school. Thanks for the suggestion, though... :----)

I have no idea how many

I have no idea how many countries our users come from, but they come from every continent save Antarctica. Koreans have an easier time learning Japanese due to the similarity in grammar, and Chinese due to kanji usage (though they have to re-learn how to read the kanji..