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Old Chat

Old Chat will still work. i turned off the authentication via TJP. type a username and password and hit Register. then login. it still works....
i posted this a couple of days ago, but it vanished. once things settle down, if you want old chat, you can have old chat.

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Keep trying

Good morning, Gunda.

At first, I got that error too. I tried more than 5 times and it eventually connected. I could login to Pandion. Keep trying.

Gotta go.

thanks you soo much!

thanks! i can now!

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You'll notice that you can

You'll notice that you can type inside of the box that says @jabber or @pandion.
Type @chat.thejapanesepage.com in it.

heh i did .. still fails

but that way it creates a account @pandion or @jabber not @chat.thejapanesepage.com

i check on connection settings and ask for Server connection address and port... unknown for me
also secure communication and something about the proxy server?

So i am still unable to join T.T


err i am still unable to log in in pandion

also unable to find the register button..T.T

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that's neat,

but are they ever going to make it so that the flashchat and Pandion are the same chat? >.<"

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When you try to login,

When you try to login, pandion should be giving you an unhappy invalid password message? Sign up that way (there's a button in the login dialog-bottom left), using chat.thejapanesepage.com as the domain.

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Now all we need to do is get

Now all we need to do is get it so people notice it's there!

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So I feel a little blonde asking this, but where is the said "register" button? @_@


Thank you Zen-san.I signed up again then I finally could log in to the chat space.

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I remember...

I remember that old chat. I went into it once and got into a bunch of fights like two years ago. LOL!


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