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Saving Up

Hello, my TJP buds! How are you? Anyway, I'm doing good. Today is very refreshing as for I had an early release.
Anyway... Other than another trip to Japan or visit to another country, what are you saving up for? I'm just curious because right now I'm aiming for a PSP. :) I'm almost there, too! There are few games that took a while to get here from Japan coming out so that's why I'm getting it!
I'm bored and waiting for a friend to come over right now soooo... I just wanna see what you guys have to say!
Have a good upcoming weekend!

... are expensive.

Yeah, I'm saving up for a high quality musical instrument. First a Schecter C-1 Hellraiser, then a Silverburst Limited Edition Gibson Les Paul Custom Shop... those guitars are gonna put a $4,000 hole in my pocket...

Books are great

I sometimes save up for books, but usually all my relatives (aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents, parents, brothers, etc.) all get me books for holidays. There are some releases I'm looking forward to (like Brisingr, the third book in the Eragon series), but my mom thinks I have too many books already...they're taking over my room!

Instruments et des livres

I have an opened-hole flute. T_T;; It was horribly expensive, but it's a gorgeous instrument. I <3 it to death, and I've been playing flute for eight years now.

But yeah. I'm saving up for books. I know they're not expensive by themselves, I can spend over a few hundred dollars in the bookstore at once--- I've got four full six-foot bookshelves at home and I'm looking at getting some more.

I <3 books.

Musical Instruments...

I'm saving up for a new step-up oboe (a double reed musical instrument) that has some keys mine doesn't. Oh, and maybe if there's a cheap piccolo I'd like to try that. Or a B-foot open-hole (french key) flute.

Basically some high quality musical instruments...that's what I want.

clay's picture

I'm interested in Amazon's

I'm interested in Amazon's Kindle (ebook reader). It looks awesome, but I think I will wait for the second generation. The idea of being able to think of a book, purchase it anywhere, and within a minute start reading is really appealing. The books purchased are about half price, but of course you would have to buy a lot of books to make up for the $400 Kindle. :)

Good luck with your PSP.

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