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I'm having trouble with my Japanese IME

Today I got up, read Harry Potter for two hours (it's a Saturday) and then decided to go online. And what a great way for me to find out that I can't get the IME to work. Well, I can switch to Japanese on the language bar, but it only lets me use direct input--I can't get it to accept hiragana or katakana. Even more strangely, for the other users on the computer it works perfectly.
I'm running Windows XP, and I'm sure I've overlooked something extremely simple. Help!!
Kinda ironic, really, since I found this site by Googling "Japanese IME" looking for directions!


Greggman's instructions do something wonky with your language settings that turns your language bar into the japanese version and your OS believes you're running a Japanese OS. This causes problems because your backslash \ will look like a yen symbol ¥ (among some other character encoding issues) causing you grief in the long run.

Try the alt+` solution first. Also, try right clicking the language bar and select "restore the language bar". It should undock it from your system tray and you will have access to the other buttons.

If you've already done that, can you tell me what it looks like when you open the input mode button? Is hiragana, katakana, et al greyed out or something? I can't imagine what would make it impossible for you to use those inputs when you swap to Japanese.

This should be very useful

Hey kudamono, i din't really pay attention to what trouble you're having on your IME but i suggest you just redo the setup all over again and follow this awesome website:


the procedures there worked perfectly on my IME setup. :) Hope it helps you too.