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Hmmmm, it has been a long time since I logged on here, and I hope the forums are working. Not that I'm going to go.
Wow, TJP's come a long way, huh? I first visited it in August when I was beginning my study of Japanese. I debated for a long time whether or not to join the forums. I usually just downloaded the study materials from here (sorry for the bandwidth usage, clay-san!). Eventually, I decided, what the heck. Maybe I'd get some help with grammar here.
I've been here about a month and a half since then, and until the middle of February I did not realise the powerful resource I had here. TJP 2.0 looks great, and I curse myself for not having used it more. Oh well, I intend to stay here a lot longer now.
P.S. Doesn't the title look kinda redundant now?

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Glad you joined. I hope

Glad you joined. I hope some of the new resources (user blogs, groups, etc) will take off to be as useful as the forums. I'm still expecting to have most of the new stuff (video, theming the forums) done within the next two or three months. Then it really will be TJP 2.0!

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