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Hmmmm, it has been a long time since I logged on here, and I hope the forums are working. Not that I'm going to go.
Wow, TJP's come a long way, huh? I first visited it in August when I was beginning my study of Japanese. I debated for a long time whether or not to join the forums. I usually just downloaded the study materials from here (sorry for the bandwidth usage, clay-san!). Eventually, I decided, what the heck. Maybe I'd get some help with grammar here.
I've been here about a month and a half since then, and until the middle of February I did not realise the powerful resource I had here. TJP 2.0 looks great, and I curse myself for not having used it more. Oh well, I intend to stay here a lot longer now.
P.S. Doesn't the title look kinda redundant now?

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Glad you joined. I hope

Glad you joined. I