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日本語 questions

OK, might as well use this blog to ask doubts.
1. What is the difference between でんぶん そう です and ようたい そう です?
2. Is きみ used for kids?
I'd be grateful if someone could please help me out on these questions. Sayonara!

Actually, it is probably

Actually, it is probably better to ask on the forums, as there are probably a lot of people who never look at the blogs anyway. I wish I could help with the first one, but neither of those statements makes any sense to me. Either they are vocabulary I haven't learned yet or you have a transcription error. Someone more fluent than me would have to help out here.

About きみ -- The second-person pronouns can be used to talk to anyone, it all depends on your relationship. Kimi is -very- affectionate, so I guess I could imagine an older brother saying it to his younger brother, or perhaps an older child to a younger child that feel they are LIKE siblings or some such. Sometimes, it's affectionate in a romantic way (but so is あなた for that matter). In general, you should avoid pronouns anyway, and use the name of the person you're addressing. If you don't know them, you should definitely avoid きみ, among others.

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