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Blogs Away

OK, so, I generally hate blogs. I don't feel the need to report every little facet of my life to a pool of faceless names. But, since it's here, I thought I ought to at least write one entry -- profile-style.
I'm a mother of two children; my son is eight and my daughter is seven. Don't let that fool you into thinking I'm old, though. I have several years' experience at being 21, with my next 21st birthday coming up in July. ^_^
I'm a child at heart, and I love video games (I own every gaming system since the Atari, sans PS3) and Harry Potter. I like most things fantasy and sci-fi and have just started running a pen and paper D&D game for my children. My son decided to be a half-elf barbarian..... *ahem* There was no talking him out of it.
Last but not least, I have a passion for language. This is both a blessing and a curse. I learn so many new things through language study, but I have become something of a grammarian when it comes to English. Oh, I don't mind slightly improper grammar, misspelled words, incorrect use of commas, or typos. However, I despise internet shorthand, leet-speak, and typing in some sub dialect pidgin.
So, that about covers it, and now my blog page isn't empty. Quite likely this will be the last entry ever written here. ^_^

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Very Nice!

You love all of what I love! :D
Have fun on TJP. I'm a big blogger on another website, but I have a toned-down blog here. I'm also into all of my games too!
Do you have a username on Gamespot.com?



Sairana-san, I like your forum signature very much. I just wanted to say, 「英語の練習」のフォーラムではいつもお世話になり、ありがとうございます。これからもよろしくお願いいたします。