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1st blog ever

Hey I just joined this website today, well yesterday (I was in Japan and Departed at 5:15PM on Saturday and now I'm back in Arizona where it's... 5:30PM on Saturday, I'm kinda tired). I guess I'm here for the same reasons as everyone else, to learn Japanese. I should have began this prior to my trip but now my goal is to learn as much as possible and then go back to experience a Japan where I can communicate with people!


I was in Tokyo the whole time, but I went to pretty much every nook and cranny that they have. I went to Ginza, Tsukiji, Asakusa, Akihabara, we stayed in the Roppongi district, Shinjuku, and much more. I had a blast! What about you, were did you go?


it cool that you went to japan, i just got back from japan too where did you go while you were there?

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