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My thoughts for the day

I don't really know what to put on my blog...it just seems interesting to me that people I don't even know MIGHT be interested in what I write about... after all I don't really know anybody personally. But I suppose maybe it's because we all share a common goal? Who knows... but anyway I still like the blog entry section because it's kind of releasing to get your thoughts out there... not that I have written anything extremely deep or interesting, and probably won't in the future. (That's why I don't have a myspace... (>_<;)) But who cares? This is fun! Maybe when I become more fluent I will write these in Japanese. It's a good way to practice I think because the people who read them can correct your mistakes. So yeah. This is pretty cool. Anyway, I'll write more next time I have something more interesting to talk about! : )

I have a MySpace, but I

I have a MySpace, but I never use it XD

You're right though, the blog section IS neat! I can't wait for people to correct all my mistakes!


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