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こんばん は!
私 は アマンダ です。
I just started learning Japanese yesterday and I think I'm doing pretty alright. I've been going over hiragana trying to memorize them all. It's not as bad as I thought it would be! I looked over katakana enough to figure out how to write my name! I'm still stuck on how to write Boucher, though! I'm about to begin learning some grammar. When I was learning French, I found it easier to learn the grammar before the vocab.
Though I did look at the beginning phrases!
I hope I got the above Japanese correct. I have to pick them out one by one with the Character Palette XD. I'll find an easier way eventually. I'm going to try and put as much Japanese as possible in my blogs.
I think it's time for beddy-bye...
おやすみ なさい!

Ino's picture

Good luck!

Amanda-san! Ganbatte Kudasai! I'm sure you will do great! Just be persistant! The Japanese language is truly a beautiful one! Kirei to omoshiroi, demo chotto muzukashii desu ne?

Jaa mata ne!


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