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How to Make Your Japanese Keyboard Act Like Your Native One

You may have noticed that when you use the Japanese keyboard it doesn’t have the same keys are your national keyboard. This is because the Japanese keyboard is different from others. You could just use two keyboards and manually switch all the time or just get used to it, but there is another way. That is you can change the registry and make your Japanese keyboard act like a national one.
Warning: Editing the registry is editing how the computer works; if you change something I didn’t tell you to you may break your computer. However, you can create a backup for safety.
Note: This may work on other Window operating systems but only XP and Vista have been tested.
You must first open the registry editor. To do this by go to ‘run’ in the start menu and typing ‘regedit’
If you can’t find ‘run’ then open windows task manager using either “Ctrl+Alt+Del” or “Ctrl+Shift+Esc” depending on your operating system.
Click on ‘New Task…’ and run ‘regedit’

You will be greeted by this screen though (unless you have used this before) all the folders on the left will be closed.
First you should back up the registry in the case that you make a mistake. To do this click FileExport.
You will see a save dialogue. Make sure that ‘Export Range’ is set to all, name your file and click Save. (It may take some time to load)
On the left had follow the folders in the order written below (Keyboard Layouts)
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrenConrolSet\Control\Keyboard Layouts

Once in this section you will notice more folders on the left but with no expandability. These are the ‘keys’ for each of the keyboard layouts. Open each ‘key’ and find the one that contains the layout of the keyboard you wish to change to. As an example UK, this is key 00000809. I know it is the UK one as when I open it, the right hand side shows four keys. One of them being ‘United Kingdom’
Find the value called ‘Layout File’. In my example this has the data value of is ‘KBDUK.DLL’. Find this value for your language and remember this data.
Find the key now for the Japanese keyboard. It should be ‘00000411’. One again, you must find the Value called Layout File. Its data should read ‘KDBJAP.DLL’.
You must now double click (or right click  modify) and change ‘KBDJAP.DLL’ with the name of your keyboard file. In the UK case this makes it ‘KBDUK.DLL’
You have now successfully edited the registry and you should notice the effect after restarting your computer. Before you do this, make sure that you still have your original keyboard as an option so that if the Japanese one stops working you can fix it using the other keyboard.
If you have any questions you can pm me
If you test it on another operating system and it works please contact tell me so I can tell everyone.
Note: If something went wrong run regedit then File>import and select your previously backed up file. Then try again.

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