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I might as well go all out...

and do the whole blog thing too. =)
Today is my first day of learning Japanese. I've wanted to for almost 2 years now since I read my first Murakami (Norwegian Wood). I admit that I'm nervous, as the only other language that I "know" is Spanish. And it has been a very long time since high school.
I've received Rosetta Stone for my birthday, which is on Wednesday, and I was able to download an old piece of software called Power Japanese. My logic is that if I use the Rosetta Stone for vocabulary, while using Power Japanese to learn symbols, and of course help from TJP I might actually be able to pick it up.
Why do I want to learn Japanese? I need a hobby and I love Japanese culture. The food, the literature, the style, the technology, and - the language. I'm hoping that by learning Japanese it may unlock a different method of thinking, and maybe change my perspective on life.
So good luck to me, and to all of you who are also new, and if anyone ever wants to chat or practice, please send me message.
mata ne!

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I like how you've got a good start! :D


Wow, ノルウェーの森

Hey cool! You've read ノルウェーの森, huh? Did you like it?

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You might also try out the

You might also try out the Japanese Learning Suite, as listed in my sig on the forums:

Get the Japanese Learning Suite, it's free!

Like it says, it's totally free. :) Let me know if you have any questions. We're working on a new release with lots of fun new features too. :D



Well wish you the best.. as I also want to learn the language..

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