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Konnichiwa minasan!
Kyoo no asa wa ame deshita. Dame desu yo!! Yon jikan gurai ni ame furimashita yo. Watashi wa ame ga kirai desu. Ame wa samui to kanashii desu. Hare ga daisuki desu yo. Demo, konshuu no shumatsu wa hare ni ikimasu!!! Sugoi ne!! Ok so I'm not sure that all of this is gramatically correct or if it makes sense, so those of you who read this I would be very grateful for any pointers on my mistakes or suggestions on how to make this flow better. Arigato gozaimashita minasan!

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When I see って like that

When I see って like that before a noun I think of it as "kind of".

寒くて、悲しいって感じ = "A kind of cold, sad feeling"

I don't know if its necessarily polite/formal 'cause its used instead of と in slang speech like "キレイって思う"

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晴れ「はれ・hare」clear weather/sunny day (I think was intended)

Not certain about って, but everything else seems right on. Nice job Mattan. :D

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kesa = this morning
yojikan instead of yonjikan
samukute, kanasii tte kanji
- samukute, kanasii - te form when using more than one adjective.
- tte - is being used to mean "in reference to"
- kanji - feel(ing)
- I'm not 100% on this :3
aru = have
kara = because/since/so

konshuumatsu = this weekend
ato = after
haru ni narimasu = it will become Spring.

I'm don't get what you meant by "hare," did you mean "haru" (spring). If so, that's how I wrote the above.

When you are writing about personal stuff in blogs or diary or whatever, its unnatural to write in polite/formal prose; unless you have a direct audience you are writing to. I would have written it different, but I didn't know if you wanted to still keep the polite speech...

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