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2011 Year Student Exchange

I'll be staying in Japan (with a Japanese family) for the course of 1 year. I'm going to be treated and expected to act like a member of the family, meaning I must take the responsibilities of one. I will go down as a fulltime student for the year, therefor I can finish my credits.
After that, i'm applying for university there and never coming back! LOL!

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You're going to love it

You're going to love it there. I miss Ichinomiya =/

I don't remember their high schools having a credit system... at least mine didn't anyways. >.> I had to still finish mine here.

And from what I've read you have to have lived in Japan for 5 years before you can acquire citizenship and stay permanently.

Also student visa are renewable up to as long as 2 years... So you'd have to return to Canada during the summer to re-apply for another student visa to finish your Uni degree. Unless otherwise your uni has the hook ups with the immigration bureau.:P

But since you'll be an exchange student for 1 year plus your 4 uni years, you're good to go! :D

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