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♪やった!やった!ゲットした!♪[♪I did it! I did it! I got it!♪]

今日は、音楽奨学のオーディションをあった![Today, I had an audition for a music scholarship.]

ポシュ先生はラストの奨学を与えた![Mr. Posch awarded me with his last scholarship!]

でも、奨学を得る為にホンマに何もしなかったって思うw[But I think I didn't really do anything to earn it.]

とんでもない!www[It's surprising!]


奨学ゲットしたから、秋学期の代金を払わない!よかったなぁ~[Since I got the scholarship, I don't have to pay for my fall semester.]

★メッチャクチャうれしいよっ!ゝ(^O^)丿[I'm so fxxking happy!ゝ(^O^)丿]


いい日だった~[Today was a good day~]

今日・終わり[Today is over]



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Thank you~ =]

Thank you~ =]

I kind of left some things out. I said "But I think I didn't really do anything to earn it" because my audition was only about 1 minute! ^^

I was like: "I'm done? I got it? I got it! Woot!"

But I think I did well for my 1 minute ;D


Congratulations! I just saw

Congratulations! I just saw your post today. Please continue letting us know how everything is. Your comment "But I think I didn't really do anything to earn it" is not true, I think. If you had not done good, you would not have gotten the scholarship, right? That's what I believe. I hope you have a lot more good days ahead. Take care.

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