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I actually attend on going to Japan in the near future. And I would reaaaallly appreciate some help. There's a lot of writing systems, and I don't know which I should use or..? Well, I don't know...I'm pretty clueless at all this, lol. Basically, I just want to find an easy and very good learning way to help me with writing and speaking Japanese. So any tips or suggestions or ANYTHING would be highly appreciated. Thankyouuuu.

Buy a little book called

Buy a little book called "Barron's Japanese Grammar". It's a $6 book, it's usually at Borders and you can derive a great length of time studying from that as it contains all the fundamentals. You also won't be confronted with the alphabet immediately in it. It's easiest to learn the alphabet by using it... at least for me. I feel that the alphabet though helps me decipher Japanese a lot better though... probably because of Kanji.

You'll save yourself a LOT

You'll save yourself a LOT of headache if you just commit yourself to a textbook from the start. Haphazard studying on the internet will leave you rather confuddled for a long time. Textbooks build from one chapter to the next, where skipping around the internet will not afford you that courtesy.

In the meantime, you might like Tae Kim's Guide to Japanese. It's rather like a textbook, though perhaps not quite as comprehensive.

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