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Takashi san, Please send me

Takashi san,

Please send me the stuff. It will be very helpful for me.

Arigatou Gojaimasu.

Binod C Thakur

Binod C Thakur


thanks 4 uploading that files!!

1000 kanji, software, mobile words, JLPT test

anyone who like to get this free stuff please let me know by send which 1 u would like to request and send to takashishinohara@gmail.com i will send u once i receive it, Thanks!

Best Regard's,
MSN: takashi_shinohara@hotmail.com
Yahoo: takashi_shinohara2004@yahoo.com.uk
Skype: takashishinohara
Email: takashishinohara@gmail.com
ICQ: 345358844
Mobile: +60166988603

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