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Poll Results and Work to be Done

Axlen and Phreadom have done some amazing things fixing small problems that seem to keep cropping up. Things are coming together.
According to the poll, 'Redoing the Kanji Section' is top. The current kanji section is a total mess. I moved over a lot of the old kanji stuff, but none of the database driven goodies. Phreadom has some big ideas on that. But unfortunately, it will still be months down the road. More to come...
The second and third will be my (Clay) primary concerns over the next few months. Last week I added two podcasts and figured out how to link it to iTunes (sorry, not publicly available through iTunes yet). I wanted to finish that up and add a few more episodes this week, but it may have to wait until I am in Japan (leaving May 27th). I have SO MUCH to do before the move. :(
Frank and the Obaasan will also be a big priority. I made the last chapter some time in 2001 I think. Frank's getting old and needs some new lessons.
Also Phreadom has a new Chat system ready (waiting on an expected upgrade before launching it). That will be announced soon.
Thanks for stopping by! Lots of new fun stuff to come!

Great to hear of the

Great to hear of the upcoming features!
Can't wait!

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