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This my first time writing to my blog..nothing much to say. I'm still learning Japanese, can't afford to take class so i do self learning. The progress is quite slow..but i'm working on it.
I don't know whether i need a japanese friend to help me with my learning phase, i find it's hard to get a friend that willing to help, but anyhow i won't give up..i truly find this site is very helpful for all level of people who wants to learn nihongo ga ;)
Keep it up!
Matta ne..

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another self-learner


I'm another self-learner having the same difficulty. I use "The Hiragana Times" e-mails for my reading practice, and take a look at what's posted up on the JLPT4 group. "The Nihongo Resources" website has a good (intense!) lesson-plan too. Right now, I'm working with a nice story about 2 kids from Oni-sensei (JLPT4 group).

My problem is the vocabulary. I don't have enough to really hold down a decent conversation, and it seems difficult to get it to stick in my mind. Even with e-mails, I wind up looking everything up. I could learn a lot that way, but the people I try to e-mail get tired of my slow progress after 5-6 letters and stop replying...

Good luck with your learning!
Ja ne!


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