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NOOB..... or in otherwords .. i know very little

gah! i found this site and was like.. WAHHH ANSWER TO MY PRAYERS!!!!!! ..... still dificult .. but i can study while off line too because i wite everything down... i will learn nihon-go if it takes me up to 2 years..... mainly because im going to akiba in 2 years time YATA! i know stupid phrases and i refer the writing system :D har har! i was drawing a little comic strip f how i thought it would be like if me and all my friends were to go now.... but there is only about 2 of them that know japanese... the rest o us know how to say crap like how are you. but i mean how can you go out to a club, hav a conversation and then talk about your day to a friend (or cousin in my case)? if you dont know the lingo???.... perdy rubbish if you ask me... plus i i learn japanese another advantage is i would be able to walk around and talk about my family and the things that annoy me infront of them without them knowing what i'm saying lus ill be roving my mother wrong because she said "you'll never make it to japan and you will never be able to learn japanese and how to read it and write it and speak it" even though i have caught her out a few times by using the odd phrase its still not the same as trying to sustain a conversation ... hrmmm anywho ill leave you to it and get me pen and paper out... i got alot of studying to do :S GAH!!!! i might finally open my bottle of CC Lemon too REFRESHING!


YES!!! This site was an answered prayer for me as well! I was not about to spend money I didn't have to learn a forign language. LOL


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