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On being tentative

I hope all my new friends on the Japanese Page are doing well! Work has kept me away for a brief time. It is my 'Friday night' and I am glad to be able to blog here again.
I am very tentative to try to write anything in Nihongo. I have listened to all the beginning lessons, and have been practicing my hiragana readings. Also, I finally received my flashcards in the mail! However, I am hesitant to write because I am still very unfamiliar with the changing the verb tenses and 'sticking together' the pieces of sentences of what I want to say.
I have an idea for a very short descriptive paragraph I would like to post. I guess I just have to jump in and post it here, errors and all! This is really amusing to me, because I see many similarities between Spanish and Japanese as far as sentence structure.
As I sit and smell the rice cooking tonight, I think I might need a tutor to be successful in getting a grasp on the language. What do you think?

I can't comment on whether

I can't comment on whether or not you need a tutor. I think a beginner can make excellent progress on their own. It heavily depends on your ability to self-motivate, and on the tools you have at your disposal. If you haven't tried a textbook yet, you probably should. They're less expensive than a tutor, for sure (and a tutor would probably have you buy a text anyway).

As for your paragraph, whether or not you post it depends on your ability to take criticisms and learn from them. You won't get better unless people point out your mistakes, but some people around here get kinda touchy when that happens.

I say post it, and also post a copy of it in the forums. You're more likely to get feedback and corrections there, as many of the forum-goers don't frequent the blogs here.

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