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よ: The particle that never needs translation

(disclaimer: may be nonsense)
It's occured to me that the best (or at least the most awesome) way to translate よ is always Yo!
Even the famous WWWJDIC agrees: "(int) (4) yo!"
Proof, from the WWWJDIC example sentences for よ:
'Number-withheld' calls are scary, it's best not to answer them, Yo!
That is a criminal offense and you will surely be punished, Yo!
I challenge anyone to come up with a sentence with the よ particle where the english word "Yo", is not awesome.

Hahahah. One thing I love

Hahahah. One thing I love about Japanese...saying yo will never go out of style.

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LOL そうだよ!

That is so true! HAHA!



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そうですよね。 I


I wonder who had the stroke of genius to come up with the international word 'yo.' It seems so pregnant with meaning. "Yo, MTV Raps" I believe was a show on TV in the eighties. "Yo, Wazzup?" is standard American for a greeting (not sure which). And... don't even get me started with the Yo-Yo.

"Yo, I can do 'Walk the Dog' and 'Around the World.'"

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