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Gawd, Im tired of every damn person thinking Im using Bablefish

Like I said, Im freaken tired of people thinking Im using bablefish, you know how much that thing sucks at translating Japanese? It just plain sucks. If I type Japanese in actual Japanese and not some damn translator, they say that Im faking, and Im tired of it..
*will stop ranting for fear of getting into big trouble*

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Thanks, that helped a lil

Thanks, that helped a lil bit. :)

I feel for you... in a

I feel for you... in a different way. My brother's girlfriend translated what I said and she was waaaaay off. Babelfish is OK for getting the idea of a sentece, maybe. Even then it still is not a reliable source.


Sorry ^^;;

Ah, yeah, Babel kinda sucks =p Well, most online translating sites do...since... well, if it were that easy, there'd be no need for studying, now would there? I know what you mean, though =p

Dont worry about them!

As long as you know that you didnt use Babel, then everythings ok!

You should feel flattered! Your translations are so good that they feel you used a translator ^_^

Dont give up!!!

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