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looking for someone who helps me learn English

hi, everyone!

my name is YU, I'm japanese and live in Tokyo.

I'd like to speak in English with foreigners in skype or messenger to improve my English.
I hope we can do language exchange and will be happy to help you learn japanese.

those who are interested in talking about manga, anime, foreign travel and internatinal relations(I'm a university student, majoring in law and politics and will work for government as of next april), please reply to me!






But I am fluent in english, so I would like to exchange as long as required. :D
Skype : jmanslam

Hello, my skype name is

Hello, my skype name is nhannah044thewin, I'd love to help you!


My name is Ryan and I am 13 please talk! Skype me at: thatguy88811.

Hello, Chilean guy here.

Im Jason, and here from Chile I want to say that I would like to learn japanese and although Im studing a bit of japanese on my own, I really want to speak with a japanese person that also want to learn spanish phrases or is learning it and want to practice it. I know some english... kind of basic but fine if the other person does not understand too much spanish and of course if I do not understand too much japanese :). (for me it would be like practicing english and japanese at the same time, if there is a japanese with that "english-spanish" practice it would be great because of the level of learning.

Reply to YU

my name is Elyas and I am a Native English speaker who lives in Wisconsin
I would like to learn the Japanese language, and proper manners. I am only 13 turning 14 ,but am very very good at English (including symbols, language, currency, manners, etc. ) I will try my very best at Japanese and tend to be a fast learner when It comes to things i love. I have always wanted to live in japan and i think it would be disrespectful to go there without under standing more i have a skype account but forgot my login so i will have to set a new one up please reply i will find time to meet with you whenever you can, especially since im am taking online classes for school. please reply or contact me at... elyasdewitt@gmail.com

Moshi Moshi Yu :)

Hi, I see everyone has already given you a hearty welcome. If you would like more help please feel free to contact me I would love another Japanese friend to learn from :)


Halo every body ...I'd like to speak in English with foreigners in skype to improve my English.
I hope we can do language exchange and will be happy to help you learn arabic .

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Welcome Yu!

I am a native English speaker here in the United States. I've been trying to learn Japanese for years so I'm am happy to see people like you who are willing to help. If there is any thing you need help with as far as English goes please feel free to contact me at Jiyunonezumi in skype, or Jiyu_No_Nezumi in twitter. Though I am very new to both. :)


Hi Yu,
My name is Mark from Indonesia. I live in jakarta. I speak english.
I currently learn Japanese, but still a beginner.
I learn Japanese because I plan to live in Japan somedays.
It would be nice if we can exchange our language and knowledge.
Here is my messenger: prince_of_grace@yahoo.com.

どうぞ よろしく お願いします.

ouen shiteimasu

Yo Yu .. Hashim desu , watashi wa mada gakusei desu , nihongo de issoni o hanashite kudasai ne ^.^ .. watashi no skype wa HASHIKAGE .. korekara yoroshiku onegaishimasu ^'^

hi yu

i have a skype too
i'd like to learn japanese more^^i am not native english speaker,but i think i am already quite good

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konichiwa... ı am nadya and ı

ı am nadya and ı am learning japanese.ı m at the begnner level and ı need help,also ı am an english teacher ı can help u too,ı am drawing anime,ı love japan and japanese ı hope we can contact...

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A little English help.

You might want to try something more along the lines of...


My name is Nadya and I'm learning Japanese. I'm at the beginner level and I need help.

I'm also an English teacher. I can help you too.

I draw anime, and I love Japan and Japanese. I hope we can get in touch."

That's much more natural English with (basically) proper capitalization, spelling, punctuation, etc. If you're going to offer your services as an English teacher here, you should make more of an effort to write correctly so that you don't set a bad example for other people trying to learn English.


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Thanks, ı will be careful.


My name is Alisha, English is my native language, i have been born and raised in America. I would love to help you learn English, and i would be grateful if you could teach me Japanese as well. I do not know much about Japanese but to be honest i would do nearly anything to speak Japanese like a native. My life long dream is to live in Japan and speak well enough to not stand out to much. if you would be interested in my helping you and you helping me i would appreacate it.

email me at

Thank you


my name is Fiona,I'm Indonesian.
i've been learning Japanese at the Japan Foundation in Cairo,and also English Language at the British Council in Cairo,and i want to practice this two languages..
so..i think we can help each other:)



Hi YU.

I am from Pakistan. My English is also good. If you want to learn English than I could teach you. If you want to contact me than here's my e-mail id:

MSN: sweety_tooti1@hotmail.com
Yahoo: sabrina_7_758@yahoo.com

I know perfect English

Hi I'm new to this sight because I've bein searching to find a online chat to help me with my japanese. I'm a starter and well idk if you already have enough help but maybe you don't have help from a true born american ( I was only born here) and if you want spanish is my second language I can teach you some of that to hope to here from you soon and good luck.

hi~!! (help me?? ^ ^")

well i'm actually new to this site, so after looking at the dates on all the other posts, i think its kinda pointless of me to post this...but anyways ^ ^"

i'm from london, and i would like to improve on my japanese and i can help with the english as well =]

my email: chokoreto-choko-x@hotmail.com

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Hi Yu!

It'd be my pleasure if we can be friends!
Im Maggie, vietnamese. I've been studying japanese for 3years. However i think that i need to improve my japanese beyond class. I think you can give me much help. My english is so so....I hope you dont mind. Let's help each other out!
this is my Y!M : cinderella221b@yahoo.com

long to ur reply


Manga and anime lover here! I would love to have great conversation with you! email me here: giru27@hotmail.com

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Hello from LiHong

Hi, Yu.

Good evening. I am Li Hong (Malaysian). English is an easy language to learn and yet difficult to master. I think most of us here agree to me at this point as it is a language which you will never finish learning, agree?

Japanese is a wonderful language. That is why I go all the way out to do my homestudy in 2008 and managed to pass my JLPT in 2008. I just enrolled myself in a Japanese class which I have to drive one hours to class, once in every week.

That is why I hope that I will have somone to help me with my revision, especially with grammar.

I am a Marketing Consultant in a cancer specialize hospital. My husband is a lawyer which I think he will be able to help you on your study (if you are study British Law as we did).

Till then, hope to hear from you soon...

Li Hong

Ong Li Hong

hello from india

hello Li
i am aruka jain (F) from india.i am suffering with NHL (cancer).after my chemo and radition , i found myself
free all the time so i joined learning japanese language. i am happy and have complted my beginers course.
i am on skype:aditiartsdeli and wants to talk some one to brush up my japanese language.i can help if any one learning English or Hindi.

konnichiwa Yu-san

I'm Jesi. I've lived in California for most of my life and have been teaching myself Japanese for a few years now. I want to attend a Japanese university and teach English at a Japanese school. At least, that's the plan. My e-mail is lovingtheclassics@hotmail.com if you are interested

united we stand, divided we fall

tabun tasukete ageru ka?

i'm a native english speaker and i've been teaching myself japanese off and on for about 4 years. i have really no organized way to practice or learn anything new, but i've helped foreign exchange students and ESL students learn english. pm me if you're interested. arigatou gozaimasu.

:EDIT: okay, so i revived my old laptop and i can type in japanese at home only.

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Hi, YU,

My name is Jeffery, though many call me Jeff. I live in Hong Kong.

I have been learning Japanese on my own for about one year. I am glad to meet Japanese friends through internet.

I have graduated from universtiy long ago. I am now working for the HK government.

My email address is jefferywan@gmail.com

Benkyou shimashou!

i would love to....u might have a lot of 'helpers' by now...but anyway, im 21 and currently studying law as well in local university, and im applying for Japanese scholarship to further my study in Japan. Why do i want to learn Japanese? Me myself can't really answer that, because there are so many reasons for that. (i wish that u understand my language for better explaination, hehe...just joking ^^ ) Since im looking for language partner to study and we are in the same field, i think it would be more interesting to study together.

til then, yoroshiku ne! ^^

I would do my best to help

Hello I would like to help. I am 12year old male in the 7th grade and if you would like it I could try my best if you would like to conntact me my e-mail is viper.mimmitchi@gmail.com.and I have a B in Language Arts. And I am also intrested in learning japanese. It would take a couple weeks for me to get the camera and head phones up not to metion that I live in Beligum but am still American. So I may not be the best choice but I will do my best to help.


i would like to learn japanese same way you would like to learn english just send me email and would gladly try to help you speak it in no time. l.ortiz85@yahoo.com


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Hi, I guess u have a lot of

Hi, I guess u have a lot of people answering to your request already, but if you like, I think I can help too. I'm an English teacher over in my country. If you're interested, you can contact me through msn at : seigaku_eiji@yahoo.com.sg.


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hello sally and everyone

i hope you could teach me too, im not very good in english and still studying, im not confident when speaking in english cause of my limited knowlegde in vocabulary, i hope to build that.
here is my email darkmessenger_28@yahoo.com

thank you


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Hey Yu! it looks like you got alot of response from people who want to teach you english! Thats great i would also like to help if you need anything and i also know spanish so if you ever decide to learn one day look me up! I will try to help you any way i can.

Later! :P
Destiny Z!



i would love to help you,in exchange you can help me with japanese!win-win!.my skype is b229b24k.yoroshiku

I would like to help

I can help you out. I may not have skype but I have Windows Live Messenger. If you can talk to me there. My user name is anime-lovergirl@hotmail.com. I would also like to learn Japanese. I am a smart girl who can talk with you, and I like anime and manga. Also I have learned a lot about Japan and like it (that is why I would like to learn Japanese. So please help me out. =)



nice to meet you!


nice to meet someone like you who like to help others learn japan language.
Actually, im still improving my japanese and hope u can help me to do so.

please, reaply me.

see you!

I'm interested...

Hello Yu! I'm interested to do language exchange with you.

My skype name is cliffordbdelacruz

Hope to chat/talk with you soon!

I can help :)

I just signed up the the japanese page to learn japanse, but I already speak english, so I can help you.
Judging from your message you already know a lot of english, that's good!
I don't have skype, but I do have msn.
If you're interested, send me a message, and I'll give you my msn adress.
we can help each other that way!

I hope you'll respond,


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hi from india

i am aruka jain (F) from india.i am suffering with NHL (cancer).after my chemo and radition , i found myself
free all the time so i joined learning japanese language. i am happy and have complted my beginers course.
i am on skype:aditiartsdeli and wants to talk some one to brush up my japanese language.i can help if any one learning English or Hindi.i am on www.hospitalityclub.org ..as alkaashok ...an internet club for free travelers.i provide
free accomodation to japanese girls visiting india and help/assist them to enjoy there stay in india.


I really want to learn japanese! please someone teach me.



I've got both skype and messenger and have just started with Japanese so I could do with some help too d= I really like to watch/read both anime and manga when i can so feel free to contact my msn (maydown57@hotmail.com) or my skype (i_like_toronto242) =]








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umm hi i hope you can read this i would like to help you learn english if u can just please teach me japanese