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こんにちは みんなさん!

Hi guyz,

Found this site quite useful, so I've decided to join in for some fun and education.

I still do not know all the available features in this site yet and am currently figuring it out. :-)

In addition to that, I would like to know if there's anyone out there who've skipped JLPT 4 and took JLPT 3 instead? Planning to do so myself this year.

I've known a couple of guys who did that.. just wanna know more bout the whole experience.

I've currently been taking lessons at a local Japanese language center for about 8 months now, but it's rather slow (they have not even start teaching kanji, everything is in hiragana and katakana). I've read the whole textbook and learned all level 4 kanji. At current, trying to learn up level 3 kanji as well.

Is there anywhere on this site or others that has grammar lessons up till JLPT 3?

I'm not sure if there's any friends function on this site.. if yes.. please feel free to add me :-)


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I'm kind new here, but so far this place is cool.


Hey too

Well actually if you already convince that you know for about 100 kanji, i'm sure u can skip to level 3, as for myself i use level 4 first

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